Lynne’s Page

I started tapestry weaving about ten years ago and  I enjoy the quiet way the pieces evolve. I do mostly landscapes and simple geometric designs.  I weave on hand made frame looms built by my husband. I try to capture some of the beauty of New Mexico in my landscape weavings. Many of the geometric designs are based on Southwest native American patterns.

I do mostly smaller sized pieces that can be hung on a wall like a painting. They are all strung to a frame so that the character of the weaving is displayed.

Recently my husband and I have collaborated to incorporate other media into the weavings.  Metal, wood, and ceramics have been used to produce pieces with a truly sculptural character.

Browse through the pictures below to see examples of my work.

Many thanks to Destiny Allison of UTOPIA Santa Fe for her sponsorship in the coming ElDorado Studio Tour.

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