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I am 103 years old and Most of my life I have been involved in some type of fiber arts. For many years I made custom clothing for myself and others. Several years ago I was diagnosed with macular degeneration and lost most of my central vision. This came as a great blow to me because I could no longer do all of the things that I loved. My vision degenerated to the point that I could no longer see the fine detail required for most sewing. I could not conceive of giving up sewing entirely, so I began to try using different aids to continue using my sewing machine to make quilts and bags. I found that I could still see well enough to sew with my machine if I stuck to straight line patterns, and hand tied the quilts I made. I love to pick out fabrics and combine them into beautiful patterns in my quilts.

Lately I have been exploring all of the many possibilities of Southwest themes, as well as more standard quilt patterns. Unfortunately my sight is still slowly fading but I have been able to compensate through the use of sewing and cutting fences and tactile aids. I can only make smaller lap quilts now and bags, which I make out of the left over fabric. I intend to continue as long as I am able to produce functional quilts and bags.

All of my quilts are made fro 100% cotton fabric. They are stuffed with 6 oz polyester batting for warmth and softness.  I hand tie the quilts because I cannot  see well enough to stitch in the quilting pattern.

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I would like to thank Eldorado Family Practice for their sponsorship of the Eldorado Arts Studio Tour 2019.


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