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Glass Intarsia

After experimenting with a wall decoration above my stove, (Diego Rivera's "Flower Seller") I found I enjoyed the greater detail I could incorporate into the piece by not allowing space for lead-came, as is used in leaded glass windows. My use of beads, natural stone, glass blobs, etc., add texture and interest to the piece.

Stained glass, beads and natural stone (if appropriate), etc., are glued to a sheet of clear glass. Colored grout is added to highlight and define the individual pieces and add strength to the overall piece (mosaic). The piece is then framed for hanging on the wall, like a painting. If, for example, a "permanent" wall decoration is needed, the glass, etc., is applied to a thin sheet of plywood or rigid board. This application can then be attached to the wall and a surround, possibly tile, added to frame the piece (see "Flower Seller"). Custom pieces in either application are welcome.

I worked in accounting for more years than I care to mention. I am since semi-retired from accounting. I have always enjoyed incorporating creative projects in my life. Glass allowed me to challenge my creativity and create objects of lasting beauty.

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