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I Have been working with clay for about 15 years. I like to do both hand building and wheel throwing. I also enjoy working with glass and metal. I try to come up with ideas that will allow me to combine these elements. I have collaborated with my wife and even incorporated her weaving into some of my…oops… OUR sculptures. You can see them  on her web page.

My background is chemistry so I formulate my own glazes and have fine tuned an old technique called “Electroforming” to plate some of my work with a very heavy copper plate. This year I have been doing large outdoor glass, ceramic and metal sculpures. Some of them are solar powerd kinetic.

My ceramic pieces are fired to around 2100 deg F ( cone 5-6) in an electric kiln.  If you would like information on any of the glazes or techniques feel free to contact me.

90% of the electricity to fire the kiln comes from wind power.  

Browse the pictures below to see some of the pieces I have come up with  

"The more you know, the less you need" -Aranda (Aboriginal Australian)

To contact Bob Coyle, go to the Contact Page

Much Thanks to Deborah Cook and Eldorado Physical Therapy For sponsorship in the 2019 Eldorado Studio Tour

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